The Inuit Qaujimajatuqanginnik Adventure

Size: 1157K Duration: 1m23s

Oh My! It looks so pretty, so beautiful.
So peaceful, so tranquil, seen from a distance...

But see... The Earth is in trouble!

And we haven't much time...
In less than 200 years we have lost so much.
We Inuit have been displaced from our traditional lands,
and we almost lost our language.
Our culture was forced aside... but we have survived.

But there's little time left.
Now we know... the ice is melting.
The waters will rise... in the ocean.
And our animals, of the sea and of the land,
are disappearing.

Learn well... come on!

Now we know that our Earth is in trouble!
Will humans survive? Hurry! Make a start!

AJUNNGI! We can do something!